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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pics: Petworth's revamped Safeway is almost here, complete with Starbucks, local brews and MORE!! #DC #UptownsKickingIt

This was my neighborhood supermarket for many, many years.  It was long overdue for a makeover, and I can't wait to see all the ameneties.
What a difference a few years makes in Petworth. Housing prices on some streets have doubled. Luxury apartments have sprung up along Georgia Avenue NW. An upscale French restaurant sits a block down the street from a single-origin coffee shop.
And what a difference a few years makes for the neighborhood's supermarket. Until it closed in 2012, the Safeway at the corner of Georgia and Randolph Street was one of the grimiest grocery stores in town, set behind a surface parking lot. This month, it'll reopen on the ground floor of the new "Swift" residences, with a selection to reflect the changing face of Petworth (as well as the general desire for a decent supermarket).
The 62,000-square-foot store, set to open on June 27, will be Safeway's second-largest store in the District. Next to the entrance will be a Starbucks coffee counter. An outdoor patio with seating on Randolph Street NW will allow shoppers to enjoy their sandwiches from the made-to-order deli or their sushi from the sushi bar. Whole Foods fans will find a familiar site: bulk oats, grains, flour, and the like. Unlike in other Safeway stores, pet medicine will be available.
The store will feature more than 500 wines and 350 beers—but not on opening day. The liquor store across the street is protesting Safeway's liquor license application. While Safeway may not sell wine and beer for a few weeks after opening, company officials are confident they'll have their license soon, so they can stock the "local beers" section with more than 20 varieties.
Have a look around:
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Video: Flambouyant Dollar Store manager goes OFF on suspected shoplifters with Febreeze bottle. "Giirl, you don't know me!"

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This had me kee kee'ing for a good long time. Hillarious!
"Bitch, what I want you to do is do something. I will whoop yo' ass!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

VIDEO: My Brother's keeper..documents brothers' Pusha T and No Malice's opposing views on Hip Hop

I was aware of Malice's(now known as No Malice) decision to shun the rap game after his successful stinit as half of the rap due The Clipse.  I actually respected his decision, as the glorification of guns, drugs, and violence gets to be very monotonous at times.  Was it something that happened in No Malice's life that showed him the light? Who knows, but what I do know is that No Malice has no desire to join forces with his brother anymore, even while his brother Pusha enjoys moderate success these days.

CNN Tonight included a 15-minute segment on Clipse, the renowned Virginia Beach hip-hop duo comprising real-life brothers Pusha T and No Malice.
Despite a small glimmer of hope earlier this year, the future of Clipse has become increasingly uncertain, as No Malice has repeatedly expressed a disinterest in any further collaborations with his brother. CNN reporter Bill Weir offers a in-depth look into the brother’s current relationship and differing ideologies (No Malice recently became a born-again Christian). In fact, not once during the entire segment do the two brothers appear on camera together.
All in all, it’s a riveting depiction of the price of fame, especially in the world of hip-hop

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video: Steve Francis Beyond the Glory Basketball Documentary 2014 S/O #UMD #BLAIR #MoCo

I was a huge Steve Francis fan back in the day.  Man, I followed Lonnie Baxter, Steve Blake, and Chris Wilcox.  They were all great players in their own right.  Some went on to the NBA, and others left the game gracefully.  Steve on the other hand fell into some dark times, and I think we've all seen it.  This documentary just came out in January of this year so it's pretty recent.