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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What did you think of Law & Order LA?

What did you think of LAW & Order LA?

Porn addicted son kills his mom after she takes him on Judge Mathis' show!

I guess this guy never heard of the internet? It's free dude.

Big upp all Caribbean massive!! Patwa is on the COME UP!!

I know good music, and this girl is gonna be a star. Pretty face with a great sound!

An interview by the 4th victim

Are all these boys about to come out and do interviews?

Marsh formerly of Floetry album pics

Marsha got flyyyyyy. I know everyone know by now but I wanted to post thsese album shots anyway. Love THIS CHICKS VOICE!

Notice how easy it is for him to call him "daddy". PART 2 of the Jamal Parrish interview

This is beggining to be UN REAL!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JLH on SVU Tonight!

Jennifer Love Hewitt to play rape victim tonight on SVU tonight! drool.

Where'd your favorite candy come from?

Where your favorite candy came from

via YahooNews.

Sam Waterston (one of my favorite actors) for The Huffington Post discussing the Fair Elections Act


Recognize him? What were your favorite stars doing before they were famous?

Steve Carell

I was cruising Foxnews.com and came across Stars back then .  You 'd be amazed !

PURE Comedy with Wayne Brady Lol!

Listentoleon has something special for you ass!!!! (Pause)

Jamal Parris speaks out(Eddie Long's accuser) video inside

Here are Jamal's Word's from his mouth. SMH @ "a slow intimate seduction"  Only time will tell.

I've got my Obama tie on today!

So I've got my Obamna tie on today and I'm just waiting for someone to talk someslick shit! Talk of hinmletting us down or him not doing what he promised is not alolowed in my earshot.  I personally am not disappointed at all.  It's a achievement in itself to make it to where he is today and i still  think he deserves some accolates from ME!  I realize that Pres. Obama hasn't been able to do all that he said he would but dammit, thats politics!  You gotta give a little to get alittel and he IS getting us what we need,, just little by little. 

Pres. Obama gave an interview back in 08 to the Rolling Stone and was a very popular issue.  Now Rolling Stone has a follow up interview with Pres Obama well into his Presidency andhave some rather interesting questions.  For questions and asnwers about his famiy life now, as well as new addtions to his Ipod check out this RollingStone interview and find out why its so hard being President.

T.D. Jakes just "learned" you Christians a thing or two!

Someone needs to hear THIS!!

This is a fun post!! So I added a funny pic to add along. Lol @ Omar Gooding!!

I saw this video on WSHH yesterday. Say what you want but this is a FUN POST!! Bey Bey was gettin her "wobble" on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The new Blackberry Playbook!

plus a demo of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In Living Color Miss Black Person U.S.A. Season 2 Episode 5

Classic comedy!

Exclusive: One of Eddie "call me daddy" Long's accusers "best friends" speaks out

Antonio Macon, the accuser's best friend believes his friend and even states that Jamal Parris tried to reach out in the past via his Facebook Page. SMH

Who want it! Who wan test Elmo?

You would thinkk after all the hype and KP action this guy has been getting as of late, he'd be like THE COOLEST! Well I gguess This guy wanted to EFF with Elmo!  Apparently, he's not amused by the was Elmo's been struttiing his stuff around these days?

Uggh, how much do we miss the Wire?

I may need to revisit this in the coming months

Well, I guess crackhead from "Menace" has been doing pretty well. Who knew?

burgers.jpg I got these cheeseburgers man! image by djplasmid
That wife beater looks like it may evaporate into dust??

Update: Suspect arrested in Seton Hall shooting

jessica moore seton hall photos pictures
I posted on this sad story af couple days ago.  Ms. Moore was a psych major at Seton Hall and was killed during a shooting at a house party in Jersey.  The folks at Bossip are reporting that Nicholas Welch of East Orange, NJ has been arrested in connectino with the slaying.  Mr. Welch has a slew of previous arrests including( but likely not limited to) drug possesion.  Click the link for more.

pic via: Bossip

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

A film review by contributor:
Leigh Scott

Monday, September 27, 2010

Scarface - I Never Seen A Man Cry (HD)

Duuuh, cause Im hott!!??

Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL

If you missed the awsomeness that is Katy Perry on SNL this weekend, no fear! The Superficial is here!

I hate NIGG@S!!

Seton Hall Shooting, Seton Hall University Student Died Saving Friend‎
Seton Hall college student murdered at house party

The Hangover "Satchel/Man Purse"

"Hey man, there were skittles in there!!!"- Lol!!

Random pic post

mya pussy cat dolls robin antin rally for kids with cancer
That sailor is making good use of his R & R!!

This is a fashion Post! H&M Designer Collaboration 2010

Lanvin X for H & M
as told by: Leigh Scott

Is Jay Pharoah the new, fake Barack on SNL?

Hope and Change... to SNL?

"My mother caught me!"

GC.jpg image by Frakker_77
"You know......it."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How's your fantasy......football?

Hmm? Who's at work losing and lowereing productivity?

Chief Zee says it all

Jermaine's Child Support Plea -- I'm Broke, No Joke

Hmm, never seen this before.

Is your show coming back this season?

If your a Modern Family fan your good, but others we not as lucky.

Law & Order LA promo tease and cast interviews 1

Who knew the black chick from the Scary Movie series was one of the characters?

This Beiber style haircut would've been the first hint

So while reading Bossip I can across this man. Hmm, maybe its the cut and creepy smile that would have tipped me off? 

The rise and fall the BMF

Here's a quick documentary about the BMF.  With all the remixes and such to Ricky Rozaay's song I figured I'd post some background.  Here you are compliments of the good folks at WorldStar.

Kimberly Anyadike - Youngest African American Female to Pilot Plane Cros...

I just saw this young lady on a show that features young people doing amazing things. This girl freaked doing community service and volunteering, into learning how to fly a small engine cesna for FREE!! Now she's featured on CNN among other shows. I was really impressed and you should be too!

Eddie issues a statement, then lays hands on...........

Is this the man you want laying hands on your nephew?

Friday, September 24, 2010

"How Imma feed my family?, I want my chicken, MY BABIES WANT THEIR CHICKEN!" Lol- The Boondocks Season 3

The 3rd season of The Boondocks is now available for pre-order at Amazon.   Cop that, cause you can't borrow mine!

Well, I guess she IS getting out?

Something inside said this was gonna happen.

'The Human Centipede' Trailer HD, if you dare All I can say is WOW!

This film is not NOT for the faint of heart. This is kinda beyond sick. The film tells the story of a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, mouth to anus forming a human centipede.  If you dare do more research, here's the link!

From Cute To Crazy: 12 Pictures Of Lil Kim’s Ever-Changing Face

GET BACK!!! Oh , thats just Kim.  Please pop the hatch for some eye popping pics if KIM KIM!

Uhhh, whats happening here?

Mr. Kravitz, care to explain?  The boots just complete the fit, I guess?

Lindsay Lohan's latest Mug Shot

Poor baby :(

Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot via TMZ

Who's checking for this movie?

The movie Social Network is coming to a theatre near you.  It actually looks pretty interesting.  Here's a link the the Social Network official site. They have some prety cool stuff on there.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry brings up a taboo subject

Gotta love Larry! lol

Wow, after a long conversation about Jigga and the Illuminati, this shows up!

Is JayZ An Instrument of The Illuminati?
Is Hov an instrument for the devil?

Business at bargain stores is way up!

According toYahoo Finance, bargain shopping is way up.  As a frugal person myself, I happen to love bargain shopping at places like Marshalls, or TJ Maxx.  While I like to go hard sometimes and shop the expensive stores, bargain shopping is the bulk of my parchases.  Nowadays a person can find some great deals at say a Ross maybe?  I'm actually in the market for a computer or tablet computer but you know imma be waiting till the price is just right!

The Bishop is stepping of his throne

"Hold me George."

The"good" Bishop Eddie Long has decided to step down after this coming Sunday's service.  There are now reprts that at least 30 other young men mayhave been absed. SMDH.  Come and see what Bossip had to say.  Feel free to discuss, casue I know you are!

Lindsay Lohan -- In Custody, No Bail

Just jail sweety! Just jail.


These guys are like a young Living Color cast in the making.  Check out what they had for prettygyrlpress!

Did you have a Facebook meltdown yesterday? "WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT!"

This women sure did! Lol!

Oh bye the way Kickboxing was great!

I went to kickboxing class for an hour yesterday aftter work. I was llittle winded but I shall return.  LA Boxing on 24th & Lst NW. Check em out, maybe I'll see you at a class!??

Pimp sleigh alert!

I came across this sweet ride on 8th street in the Eastern Market section of D.C.