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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

See you next year!!!!!

Have a great New Year, and I'll see you in it!!! Check me in the New Year for my month long INDIE MUSIC REVIEW!!!!!

Need a NYE dress!! PRettyGrylPress has the lowdown!

PRettyGrylPRess has some STELLAR ideas for your New Year's Eve party. Fellas, if your even reading this post, dont you want to have the flyiest chick at the paawwrty?

Click that PRetty link above and see more!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vito Brown, a new hype and energized #DMV artist.

Vito has great stage presence. Something some others could learn from. #ROCKTHECROWD.  I posted a performance from Indulj a while back, I was floored by his abiliity to grab whomever was in the room at the time.

This BIG BITCH IS GOING IN!!!! Dont let the screenshot fool ya!!!!

This big chick goes IN!!! I'd buy her shit

Here's the porn star who tested positive in October

derrick burts, 4x3, personal photo

Check the vid for more info

Click Positive for more

Students get 'Urkeled' for baggy pants

Don't get "Urkeled"

Gylne Tider - Let It Be DECEMBER 2010

This may be the strangest video I've ever seen? Weird cameos by random celebs?

R kelly does Jimmy Fallon. Sings on the show, is what I really mean

Ya'll still feeling Kells? He jiive ripped it.  I like the roots "stripped down" sound as well


Monday, December 6, 2010

What Im watching

Random pic post

I thought this was pretty cool. I saw this when getting the image for the post below.

Whats up with the new Facebook?

Facebook is redesigning the profile pages of its 500 million-plus users to make it more of a reflection of their real lives and emphasize one of the site's most popular features, photos.  I actually like the new layout. It gives you a reason to go to a person's page again.  It has new photos on display right on the front of the person's page.

here's nmore on the new Facebook


They makin some bad money ya'll.

Did ya'll knkow they were printing some new $100 bills? I didnt.  But I DO know they printed about 1 billion dollas worth of them that will never be used. They are all flawed in some way, and they decided to halt all printing.  As a metaphor for our troubled economic and financial era -- and the government's stumbling response -- this one's hard to beat

Click Bad Money for more

EPMD - Crossover

Top 10 Samples #42 ~ (December 4th Introduction)

random pic post

janet jackson barbie doll
Janet Jackson Barbie!!

Willow whipping hair live.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Not bad, a different kinda vid Baby Bash feat E-40

Jermaine is in a "Jer" -mess!

TMZ has obtained court documents showing Jermaine owes $91,921.55 in child support for Jaafar and Jermajesty. $3,000 a month really adds up. click here

random pic post


Former New Orleans Police Officer Gets 8 Years For Katrina Shootings

Former New Orleans police officer Michael Hunter was sentenced Wednesday for his role in the shooting of unarmed civilians on the city's Danzinger Bridge just days after Hurricane Katrina.
Click here for more

Top Tech Toys this Christmas!

If any of my readers are like me, we love tech Gifts.  Anything about a gadget or something with a susstantial amount of buttons, Im trying to cop!!  So, the people at the Atlanta Post got the top tech gifts for this Xmas season. Check it!