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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

V.I.C. - Wobble Baby [Official Music Video]

Can you do the dance? Not this guy, Lolol. Cool song though.

So you can look and feel good:10 Fall Must-Haves for men under $100

My wife makes fun of me because I'm such a girl when it comes to things advertised in GQ. I actively search for all their recommended items and such. So, obviously I will be out looking for a few of these items.  I was kinda blown away by the $85 necktie( because I think its ridiculous), but was delighted to see the Adidas Samba on the list.  The season is changing and so should your wardrobe and accessories. There are also a few manscaping tools on the list as well, for those that like to do the "extras".  So lets break out the earth tone autumn colors and make some Pumpkin spice lattes!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Talent: It's some funny shit goin on in here!! @Kinah_Kina GOT YA!

                                                 The sexiest comedian to hit the stage
When your in D.C., MD  or VA you should look up @Kinah_Kina and find out when she's performing. I've checked out quite a few of her sets here and there ( RFD, Koffee Lounge, FLAVA, among others).  She's a transplant from Jersey but has been in the DMV for quite some time now.  Her raw style of comedy combines a bit of raunchy with a lil bit of real in yo face shit that WE ALL can relate to!! 

I've heard Kinah talk shit for years, and now she gets to talk it to the world and get us all to thinking and laughin!!!

She's got an upcoming show in NYC at the Greenwich Villiage comedy club Sept. 22, so if you're  headed to NY or already near by I'd advise to check her out.  Kinah is the only young lady on the bill so ladies, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KinahKina
Twitter: @kinah_kinah

Video:The Jets - "You Got It All" - ORIGINAL VIDEO - HQ

Man, girls used to be all sweet and demure. Not anymore, all whores.

Funny, but not funny vid: Morgan Freeman talks about Crack (Lean on Me)

This just popped in my head cause of my homegirl Jasmine "YOU SMOKE CRACK DONT YA!!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video:Conservative Federal Judge Richard Posner, Slams 'Absurd' Laws Against Marijuana, Other Drugs

Finally, someone in their own conservative ranks realized some of those guys a batty ass hell!!

Richard A. Posner, a conservative U.S. Court of Appeals judge, declared his support for scaling back strict federal prohibitions on drugs, particularly marijuana, during a college lecture late last week.
"Personally, I don't think we should have a fraction of the drug laws that we have. I think it's really absurd to be criminalizing possession or use or distribution of marijuana," Posner said, prompting applause from the audience at Elmhurst College in Illinois. "I can't see any difference between that and cigarettes."
Posner was responding to a broader question about the U.S. penal code and the growing power of prosecutors. In his explanation, he went on to say that he had additional concerns about the enforcement-first strategy to controlling other drugs:

Video: "I wanna Rock" by Alison Carney. Official vid + Live performance

The girl Alison is NICE!! I been loving this track ever (and following her career) since I heard it a few years ago.  I looked around and finally found it on Youtube, and now I'm seeing they actually had an official video for it.   Alison is a National Recording artist/songwriter (ASCAP), vocal producer, and fashion designer.  Follow Alison on twitter @Alison_Carney and check her site http://AlisonCarney.com.  I've heard her live on many occasion and she NEVER disappoints. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

These are the things that make me happy: Gangnam Style V Honey Boo Boo Mashup!!

Can’t get enough of Honey Boo Boo sass or strutting in Gangnam Style?
Two infamous characters colllide with a creative remix from Mike Relm on his YouTube channel relmvision. We love Mike’s pop-culture genius as he combines the best moments from PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and TLC’s eccentric little star Honey Boo Boo.
Can’t. Stop. Watching! This video is as hilarious as it is addicting to listen to!
What do you think about Honey Boo Boo? Or Gangnam Style?

WORD??: Chi Ali has been released from prison

Man, I miss the 90's.  How old was Lil Wayne when Chi was doing his thing? 
Quiet as kept, Chi-Ali has been released from prison after serving about 12 years of a 14-year sentence for second-degree murder. Siccness.net and SOHH reported the rapper's release, which occurred in late August, over a week ago with little fanfare. Now 36 years-old, Chi was recently spotted (see photo below) on the set of Fat Joe's forthcoming video for "Yellow Tape," featuring French Montana and Lil Wayne. Back in 2000, Chi-Ali shot and killed Sean Raymond, the brother of his then girlfriend. The "Funky Lemonade" rapper went on the run for a little over a year before he was apprehended in 2001. Chi-Ali came to fame in the early 90s as the youngest member of the Native Tongue collective of MCs that included A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep. The Bronx native's biggest hit was "Age Ain't Nothin' But A # from The Fabulous Chi-Ali, his sole album and recorded when he was just 14 years-old.
Peep some old school Chi Ali right quick!!